Images of Nature- Made with Money

The framed and three-dimensional pieces are constructed from money that has been gathered on travels to coin shops, and abandoned corners-passed through different hands and contexts. Using shadowy colors, layering, and intricate detail, each piece invites the viewer to linger and explore the complex narrative between nature and money.

Opening November 18, 2017

Curtis Steiner Gallery
5349 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle WA 98107

Seattle Stranger – “The (Almost) Forgotten Giantess”
Huffington Post – “Patty Grazini’s Turn Of The Century Paper Criminals”

Artist Profile Interview on ArtZone (Seattle TV Channel

YouTube video Art Zone Shuffle: Patty Grazini Paper Sculpture Artist











Nordstrom Catalog Cover February 2012

Patty Grazini Nordstrom Catalog Cover Feb 2012

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